Internationalisation processes in Italian regional healthcare systems – Leveraging international experiences to tackle cardiovascular health – Campania and the Young50 project

Stakeholder meeting Young50 project in Naples, 12 October 2022 – replicating the Cardio50 model.

In the context of the Young50 EU project, ProMIS and Campania Region organized the Stakeholder meeting “The Internationalisation processes of the Italian Regions Health Systems. Facing the cardiovascular health in Campania according the International experiences: the Young50 project” to promote a concrete example of regional good practice implemented at a national and European level: Campania’s “Cardio 50” screening programme.

Young50 “Stay Healthy – Cardiovascular Risk Prevention”, funded by the European Union’s Third Health Programme (2014-2020), aims to implement and extend, within participating member states, a screening model for cardiovascular prevention managed by the various prevention departments to reduce mortality and morbidity for cardiovascular events.

The focus of the event was highlighting the various steps of the process aimed at making the good regional practice “Cardio50” into a tool to be shared and implemented around Europe via Young50. The objectives of CARDIO 50 were to estimate cardiovascular risk among the 50 years old population, identify persons with inadequate lifestyles, new cases of hypertension, hyperglycaemia, and hypercholesterolaemia, activate an integrated model of assistance to help modify or reduce risk factors among healthy subjects, promote interventions to change unhealthy lifestyles and increase knowledge and perceptions of CVD risks among the general population. The process was set up with the support of ProMIS and it will be used in Lithuania, Romania, and Luxembourg.

Additional material from the event is available HERE.

Additional information on the role of Campania Region and Cardio50 in Young50 is available HERE.


This project was funded by the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020).

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