Azienda ULSS 6 Euganea [Azienda ULSS 6 Euganea]

ULSS 6 Euganea is the YOUNG50 coordinating partner. As an Italian Local Health Authority it provides health and social services to its territory which covers the province of Padua and a population of approximately 945.000 inhabitants. It includes 7 hospitals, Department of Prevention, Department of Addiction, Department of Mental Health, Department of Rehabilitation and circa 7.800 employees.

logo ProMIS_New

Azienda ULSS 4 Veneto Orientale [ProMIS]

ProMIS is an institutionalized Italian Network lead by Veneto Region and involving 20 Italian Regions, as well as the Ministry of Health. Promis has activated working groups on key issues with other national ministries (research, social, tourism, territorial cooperation), Agenas (National Health Agency), the Higher Institute for Health. It suppose all Italian regions in the management of European projects and it works in particular in all communication and dissemination activities.

Ministere de la Sante [MISA]

Under the authority of the Minister, the Directorate of Health leads actions to protect and promote health in Luxembourg. The Directorate is a public administration and its missions include: collecting and monitoring health data, developing preventive programs, assessing healthcare services, writing national plans on strategic issues, controlling healthcare providers, and more generally accompany the development of every national policy in the field of health in Luxembourg.


Viestoji Istaiga Centro Poliklinika

Public institution Centro Poliklinika is one of the largest outpatient health care institutions in Lithuania. Today, the clinic is proud of the latest information technology and computer-based patient registration, medical work system, a laboratory that meets the highest European standards, department of day-care therapy and surgery, also the branch of clinic of nursing, palliative medicine and social services. Centro poliklinika is the place, where we can always get help, advice, support, where our specialists are waiting to take care for our health, so that our lives are full, long and happy.


Asociata Aer Pur Romania [Aer Pur Romania]

Aer Pur Romania it is a NGO with over 25 years of experience in Public Health, Health Research and Advocacy. First, we were acting as a tobacco and air quality control at national and international level. Soon after that, Aer Pur Romania, with its multidisciplinary team, became partner for different Romanian and European entities in Public Health and Health Research.


Asociacion Instituto de Investigacion en Servicios de Salud [Kronikgune]

Kronikgune is an Institute for Health Services Research that promotes and carries out management and organization research on health and socio-health services. Its scientific research programme is aligned with the policies of the Ministry of Health of the Basque Government, that pursue the continuous adaptation and transformation of the health system by keeping people at the center of the system and addressing the challenges derived from aging, chronicity and dependency. Kronikgune is advancing in health policies and services evaluation, intervention models development, dissemination and the analysis of health services’ change and implementation.

regione campania

Campania Region (affiliate to ProMIS)

Regione Campania (www.regione.campania.it/) is involved in the YOUNG50 project through the Directorate General for Health Protection and Coordination of the Regional Health System (DG04), responsible for the planning and organization of the Regional Health System. It manages the regional hospitals network and the territorial services, coordinating and planning the digital health interventions, and integrates its activities with research and innovation organizations focusing on prevention programs.

Logo Regione Calabria

Calabria Region (affiliate to ProMIS)

The Department of Health Protection and Health Policies of the Calabria Region is the most important institution in the regional health system. It currently consists of 13 different sectors. The mission of the Department is the health care of all citizens through primary, hospital and preventive care.