Specific objectives of the project

The first specific objective is to adapt and export the CARDIO50 screening model to the EU member countries participating in the project (Lithuania, Romania, Luxembourg). For this objective, process and result indicators can be defined to verify that the actions realized have efficiently produced the expected results, linked to the transfer of the best practice. A further specific objective is to affect cardiovascular risk factors, given to eight major CVD risk factors, fall into two groups:

  • behavioral risk factors (diet, low physical activity, smoking, alcohol use);

  • medical risk factors (high systolic blood pressure, high total cholesterol, high fasting plasma glucose, and high body mass index (BMI).

Even if the duration of the project is limited, some initial results can be observed with respect to the target population in terms of people reached, percentages of adhesion to screening and follow-up, and in terms of outcome.

Finally, with the present project, through the comparison with the other member countries participating in YOUNG50, it is important to refine the model to obtain the maximum performance, maximum sustainability, and maximum dissemination.