On 25 September was launched in Lithuania the screening programme in the framework of YOUNG50 Project Screening visits of citizens has finally started in Vilnius.

Centro poliklinika, Lithuanian partner of the project, from its patient database selected all 49-50 years old persons as potential participants. A trained employee has started contacting the participants with the telephone number indicated in the institution’s database and providing brief information about Young50 and its advantages.

If a person agrees to participate in the screening, a trained employee invites her/him to arrive at the Poliklinika any Saturday at any time suitable from 8:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. If necessary and with high activity, the reception hours will be extended to serve as many participants as possible.

To ensure the continuity of the Young50 Project, an additional five health care professionals have been trained by the Project ambassadors. These health care professionals will work in the following six months in a specially established and equipped office: accept participants, complete questionnaires, carry out an assessment of relevant health indicators, and discuss possibilities to improve their health status with the participants.

After this period of enrolling and screening patients, a follow-up phase for assessing the effectiveness of prevention will follow.