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Study of the European Society of Cardiology: leisure physical activity is linked with health benefits but work activity is not

Last April 9th was published in the European Heart Journal by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) a first study showing that leisure time physical activity and occupational physical activity have opposite, and independent, associations with cardiovascular disease risk and longevity[1]. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends physical activity during…

4 March is World Obesity Day Europe: Get involved!

World Obesity Day Europe 2021 will be held on Thursday, March 4. It brings together healthcare, patient and political communities who are keen to raise awareness of obesity and the many other diseases on which it impacts. World Obesity Day Europe is an initiative of the European Association for the…

The European Heart Network and the European Society of Cardiology organising the “Lessons learned from COVID-19 for Cardiovascular Health: Health Systems Resilience & Digital Transformation” webinar. 3 February 2021 – 10.30h 13.00h.

The COVID19 outbreak has put a sharp focus on the weaknesses of healthcare systems across Europe and generated an unprecedented strain on hospitals and healthcare professionals beyond the human aspects of a pandemic. There is a strong call for rethinking and re-creating healthcare provision, taking forward research, and translating innovative…

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