YOUNG50 #Stay Healthy - Cardiovascular Risk Prevention

YOUNG50 project ongoing in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Health Directorate is work along with the Department of Precision Health / Population Health Expertise Unit (DoPH/PHE) of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) to ensure the implementation and monitoring of the YOUNG50 project in Luxembourg.

The project is based on the active participation of general practitioners wishing to get involved in a preventive project.

The cardiovascular screening is composed of an online lifestyle questionnaire that includes socio-demographic questions, as well as smoking, alcohol consumption, level of regular physical activity and diet completed with laboratory analyzes (blood sugar, cholesterol). A health examination (blood pressure, weight, height and waist circumference) is carried out by the GP. This different information allows the calculation of the cardiovascular disease risk category on a dedicated IT platform.

Fifteen GPs from eight different cities across Luxembourg have been trained to perform the screening among 50-years-old. 

Depending on the risk category, the GP issues adapted recommendations. Participants with significant cardiovascular risk factors choose an objective in consultation to improve the lifestyle habits. The GP directs the participant to the corresponding existing program existing in Luxembourg (for example consultation for smoking cessation, consultation with a dietician, nearby sports clubs, etc.). Leaflets about prevention actions and guidance are available for the participants.

Seventy participants have been invited to the program in October and November 2022. The screening consultations are being performed by the GPs. 

The YOUNG50 project is part of the national plan on cardio-neuro-vascular diseases in Luxembourg.


This project was funded by the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020).

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