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September 29th: World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated on 29 September with the aim of informing and making citizens aware of the importance of preventing cardiovascular diseases. The theme of the 2022 campaign is “Use your heart for every heart” and wants to draw attention to the importance of obtaining:

  • equality in access to care (use heart for humanity);
  • safeguarding the environment, in particular by reducing air pollution which is estimated to be responsible for 25% of all deaths from cardiovascular diseases (use heart for nature);
  • personal well-being, counteracting all modifiable risk factors and, in particular, limiting stress (use your heart for yourself).

Moreover, the Italian Ministry of Health supports the prevention of cardiovascular diseases as a priority objective for the fight against NCD, in particular through:

  • the National Prevention Plan (PNP) 2020-2025 which also aims to act on the social determinants of health (socio-economic and cultural conditions, urbanization, environmental policies, poverty, etc.) which strongly influence the modifiable risk factors (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, risky and harmful consumption of alcohol, incorrect nutrition)
  • the Italian Alliance for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, which is a voluntary alliance that aims to bring the institutional level closer to the clinical level, bringing together all the main stakeholders in a permanent discussion table with the common goal of encouraging and implementing interventions to promote health, prevention and control of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. On the occasion of World Heart Day 2022, it published the information brochure for citizens “How to prevent cardiovascular diseases” 


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This project was funded by the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020).

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