YOUNG50 #Stay Healthy - Cardiovascular Risk Prevention

Prevention is the most powerful weapon to keep the heart healthy

The Italian Alliance for Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases and the Italian Ministry of Health published a brochure entitled “How to prevent the cardiovascular diseases” which insists on the 3 main weapons to keep the heart healthy: a) prevention; 2) contrast to risk factors; 3) promotion of healthy lifestyles. This initiative aims to promote the dissemination of essential and easy to remember messages in order to increase individual empowerment, or the ability to make choices and act to manage and improve health in a conscious way. Indeed, after an introduction on non-modifiable risk factors, the brochure insists on main modifiable risk factors, listing a set of in-depth recommendations on healthy lifestyles and on how to recognize and monitor, with the help of doctors and specialists, any factors that increase considerably the risk of onset of cardiovascular disease. In the end, some useful tips for everyone, but also specifically for women and for parents.

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This project was funded by the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020).

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