The Romanian partner NGO Aer Pur Romania, with the support of Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Cluj-NApoca, and Public Health Directorate of Cluj county, is about to launch the YOUNG50 Cardiovascular Screening Program in Cluj-NApoca. The program consists of screening visits, evaluation by health professional, counselling and health proposals (healthy nutrition, quit smoking, physical activities packages).

The Organization Aer Pur Romania is coordinating the implementation of the programme in Romania and is responsible for assuring the scientific, logistic and financial resources for its implementation during all phases as well as communication with the European coordinator and European partners and reporting to the European Commission.

Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine from Cluj-Napoca Romania is contributing to the implementation of the screening, as well as development, implementation and evaluation of the educational activities through involvement of medical doctors, medical students and PhD students. Public Health Authority of Cluj county is participating in the development and implementation of the communication plan in order to get to the target group and inform people about the possibility to participate in the screening and educational activities performed within the program.

It was also organised a Romanian group of experts including members of the implementing organizations as well as general practitioners from Cluj county which will facilitate the contact and recruitment of the participants in the program.

All implementing organizations and the group of experts are playing an important role for stimulation of the process of best practices exchange and increasing of cooperation and support of different stakeholders for cardiovascular risk prevention in Romania.

Besides its impact in Romania, the participation of Romania in the project will lead to added value at EU level in the field of community health:

– The participation of Romania in the project will facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive program for health promotion and cardio-vascular disease prevention in a region which is very much needed this and will facilitate the targeting of several disadvantaged groups of population, in order to increase their chance for a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and decrease the gap in terms of health status and quality of life between different regions of Europe

– Participate with a interdisciplinary team which brings expertise in the field of developing guidelines and activities for smoking cessation, use of information and communication technology for health promotion and chronic disease prevention, development, implementation and evaluation of health education programs for healthy lifestyle promotion, prevention and management of cardio-vascular risk factors, capacity building, networking and community engagement

– Dissemination of the results of the project to different target groups (scientific and professional community, public health policy makers, general public) in Romania and Europe