The European project YOUNG50 – #Stay Healthy – Cardiovascular Risk Prevention, leaded by the Italian Local Health Authority 6 Euganea located in Padua and funded by the Third Health Programme, celebrated its first birthday by publishing the second newsletter.


In line with the current COVID19 pandemic, the second YOUNG50 newsletter presents the positions and activities undertaken by the European Society of Cardiology, the European Heart Network and the Italian Society for Cardiovascular Prevention – SIPREC, and offers an overview of the possible repercussions that the current global health emergency could have on project’ activities and progress. Moreover, the consortium collaborated to provide to all interested stakeholders, as well as wider public, the links to official webpages of the different Ministries of Health on the YOUNG50 website, as well as in the second newsletter.

In addition, stakeholders can consult news related to all the activities that Lithuania, Romania and Luxembourg, as implementation sites, are carrying out in order to implement the CARDIO50 best practice in their healthcare systems. The development of the mobile application (app) is also presented, explaining how citizens involved in the YOUNG50 project, will be able to record information regarding their lifestyle.

Finally, the second newsletter presents synergies created during the first year among YOUNG50 and other European initiatives/networks and projects, including the European EUPAP project, co-funded by the EU health programme, coordinated by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, that aims to transfer a new method to prescribe physical activity within the healthcare; Physical activity on prescription (PAP-S).


Checkout the YOUNG50 second newsletter: