One of the peculiarities of the Young50 project is the adoption of holistic approaches to health education and holistic health may provide better health and may be more successful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and other chronic diseases[1]. YOUNG50, indeed, aims also at contributing in obtaining Sustainable Development Goals of ensuring e healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for a certain age group, integrating with other health promoting programs like implementing physical activity, healthy eating, healthy ageing etc. Moreover, the purpose of Young50 is to promote interventions in the local sites (carried out in Luxembourg, Romania and Lithuania) of health promotion and prevention can help to preserve the health of the aging population thus chronic diseases can be reduced. Promoting healthy lifestyles and broadening the use of clinical preventive services are critical to preserving health, maintaining function and reducing health care costs and long-term care needs.

Therefore, according to the importance of enhancing active and healthy ageing lifestyles, particularly for those target groups which could be engaged in CVD prevention programmes, the Young50 projects during its second 6-monthly period started promoting its vision & mission throughout Europe.

In particular, after having presented the project at the 2014-2020 EU Health Programme Conference last 2019 September 30th in Brussels, at the beginning of January 2020, the DG SANTE promoted the YOUNG50 project, publishing an article in the Health Policy Platform, describing the importance of refining and implementing the Veneto Region CARDIO50 screening model, through comparisons among the MS participating in the project, in order to obtain maximum performance, sustainability, and dissemination with the objective of improving the health of the screened population.

Moreover, a news about the YOUNG50 objectives was included in the EIP-AHA portal, whose focus is to face the active and healthy ageing societal challenge by establishing the EU a global leader in providing innovative solutions, by upscaling and exchange innovative health practices within the European Union territories.

Still in January the mission of Young50 was described in two international events, in the framework of active and healthy ageing environments. January 23 in Trieste (Italy) at the “Active ageing as a tool for social innovation” conference, promoted by the Regional Assembly of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region whose aim was to present and share innovative good practices in response to the social challenges that European regions and cities are facing. January 29 in Nice (France) at the AgeingFit Conference, event designed to address the main issues of the healthy ageing and senior care sectors.



[1] World Heart Journal 9(1):81-96 · January 2017