YOUNG50 pilot sites, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Romania, are centred on the implementation process of the Italian best practice of CARDIO 50. Implementation needs to be based on a well laid-out action plan, while it keeps a certain degree of flexibility to quickly react and adapt to unexpected situations.

In YOUNG50 project, Kronikgune has provided pilot sites with a guide to facilitate the implementation preparation of Cardio50 best practice. The procedures included in the guide are based on the collaborative methodology that has been used for the local Action Plan drafting. This approach aims to stimulate exchange of ideas, promote learning skills among participants and speed up the implementation process.

The local Action Plans clearly define what actions are needed for a successful implementation of the Cardio50 practice, who is responsible for, when have to be performed, what resources are required and how to measure progress. Moreover, the Action Plans contain a series of procedures and recommendations related to the stakeholder engagement, communication plan and supporting networks to enhance the implementation locally.

Pilot sites outlined their Action Plans considering the strategic priorities identified in the SWOT analysis such as training of professionals, monitoring of participants, communication process, governance, target group, participant invitation process, screening procedure, interventions and risk stratification. Now pilot sites are ready to put in place the activities of the local Action Plans and start with the implementation of Cardio50.