The YOUNG50 project aims to promote the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) by exporting the Italian CARDIO 50 screening model within the European Union. The project can be divided into three specific objectives:

  1. adapt and export CARDIO 50 to the EU countries participating in the project;

  2. reduce the risk factors of CVD through a change in lifestyle;

  3. enhance CARDIO 50 to maximize its effectiveness, sustainability and diffusion.

Linked to the first and third specific objectives is the development of an application for mobile devices (app) through which citizens involved in the project can record information regarding their lifestyle.

The development of this app falls within Work Package number 6 led by the Luxembourg partner, Ministère de la Santé. This work package represents the heart of the project itself, as it refers to implementation of the Italian CARDIO 50 programme in the partner countries (Luxembourg, Lithuania and Romania).

The use of an app represents an innovation of the Italian CARDIO 50 programme: it brings added value in terms of sustainability, improving adhesion to screening, and therefore enhancing the project follow-up phase. This latter is particularly important for evaluating the effectiveness of the prevention program by analyzing collected data. The project app will therefore allow valuable additional data to be gathered thanks to the involvement of users who, once enrolled in the project, will remain more engaged and record aspects of their lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, use of tobacco and alcohol).

The app, which will be made available to the entire population and not only to those enrolled in the programme, will contain other interesting features. The data entered by the users will in fact be used to send them personalized health feedback messages, thus contributing to the fight against CVDs. To achieve this purpose, the app will also help the user to discover opportunities available in the vicinity for improving health (e.g. cycle paths, public gyms, parks), as well as learn about services made available by the local health authority (e.g. the fight against smoking, alcohol dependence, promotion of proper nutrition).

After an initial test phase in the catchment area of the local health authority Azienda ULSS 6 Euganea, the app will be exported and made available also to users of the other implementing partners in Luxembourg, Lithuania and Romania.