Kronikgune, the Institute for Health Service Research from the Basque Country (Spain), specialized in promoting and carrying out research in the management and organization of health and social-care services, is the responsible for developing the implementation strategy and helping project´s pilot site regions (Lithuania, Luxembourg and Romania) to deploy CARDIO50 programme.  The main objectives are:

  • To describe the current situation in terms of epidemiological context, promotion of cardiovascular health, and prevention activities in Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Romania.

  • To identify the main and essential features of CARDIO 50 in order to achieve the desired results in

  • To produce the adapted YOUNG50Prevention Programme in each pilot site, develop the local Action Plan and define the indicators that will enable the programme’s monitoring and impact assessment.

To this end, Kronikgune in conjunction with the three pilot sites, organized a workshop titled “YOUNG50 Project feasibility workshop” during the kick off meeting held in Luxembourg last 6th and 7th June. The workshop was designed for identifying the elements of the intervention that will ultimately be implemented and integrated into each local programme. Later on, two tailored webinars were performed as part of the work package tasks. On the 10th July 2019 the “SWOT analysis webinar” was organized with the aim of explaining theoretical concepts and methodological aspects about how to implement a SWOT analysis in the local YOUNG50 prevention programme. Likewise, on the 17th October 20019 the “Action Plan webinar” was held to explain how to elaborate the local Prevention Programme and the Action Plan to facilitate the real-life implementation.

In this sense, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Romania have worked hardly to:

  • Agree on CARDIO50 core features

  • Define the central features of the local YOUNG50 Prevention Programmes

  • Develop the situation analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and identify strategic actions

  • Describe coherent, organized and integrated activities aimed to achieve concrete and predefined objectives (local Action Plans) to enable of Prevention Programmes implementation

Very soon a deliverable will gather all the work required for adapting YOUNG50 Programmes and defining the local Action Plans.