The last 7th January, the DG SANTE, the Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, which is responsible for EU policy on food safety and health and for monitoring the implementation of related laws, promoted the YOUNG50 project, publishing an article within the Health Policy Platform.

The news reports the description of the Organized Cardiovascular risk screening programme for active prevention in fifty-year-olds (“Cardio 50”), developed and coordinated by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the Veneto Region of Italy, together with the key objectives of the resulting YOUNG50 project. In the news, it is underlined that YOUNG50 aims at refining the screening model, starting from CARDIO 50, through comparisons among the MS participating in the project, in order to obtain maximum performance, sustainability, and dissemination with the objective of improving the health of the screened population.

In addition, the YOUNG50 project was also promoted on the official DG SANTE twitter account (@EU_Health).

The support obtained from DG SANTE is an excellent opportunity with regard to the dissemination of the project since it allows a broadening of the general audience.

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