The last 6th and 7th November was held in Padua the Project Meeting of the European Project YOUNG50 #Stay Healthy – Cardiovascular Risk Prevention funded by the 3rd Health Programme.

The session, organized to monitor the progress of the activities after the first six months of the project, was opened by the project coordinator, Elizabeth Tamang, who after thanking everyone for taking part at the meeting, gave the floor to Dr. Giovanni Nicoletti, who stressed the importance of commitment to prevention, particularly in the area of cardiovascular risks.

The first afternoon of meeting saw presentations of Member States involved in the project as Implementing Sites – Romania, Lithuania and Luxembourg – which presented their situation and preliminary activities carried out and discussed about the next actions to be taken on the subject of Prevention Program and Action Plan. Instead, the role played by the Spanish partner Kronikgune – Asociación Instituto De Investigación En Servicios De Salud, aim at an in-depth and accurate study and analysis of the different conditions in different European countries, with the scope of successfully implementing the Cardio50 program of the Veneto region.

The second morning of the meeting was inaugurated by Dr. Domenico Scibetta, General Manager of the ULSS6 Euganea, who pleaded proud that the CARDIO50 model could be considered a best practice to be exported. The Professor then left the floor to the Campania Region (ProMIS affiliated), which illustrated how the Prevention program could also be implemented in the Italian region, in parallel with what is happening at European level. Afterwards, Fondazione Cà Foscari, as project evaluator, brought the attention to evaluation indicators and how they can support partners in carrying out their activities and tasks. Finally, ProMIS presented the work supported in the first six months in the context of project dissemination, bringing more attention to the involvement of local, regional and national stakeholders and recalling the importance of a correct communication and dissemination of results.

The next meeting is scheduled for March – April 2020 and will take place in Bilbao, Spain, at the Spanish partner Kronikgune.