The first IT visit took place in Padua, close to the Adriatic coast of Italy. In this occasion, an overview and discussion about CARDIO50 algorithm was made.  The two–day course involved participants from Italy, Romania and Lithuania.

In order to transfer the CARDIO50 program to other countries, it turns to be essential interventions to be reviewed and customized/adapted to local sites, therefore, the adaptation of patient stratification algorithm and questionnaire to local contexts.

During the visit, the overall workflow and the structure of CARDIO50 program were shown. The project coordinators presented the current algorithm and the questionnaire. So difficulties about the implementation of YOUNG50 were discussed, and a few moments were given to think about possible solutions. Aspects that direct patients to take part in the program are crucial factors that need to be considered, thus they have been included as part of the discussion with participants. In this sense, possible methods of patient invitation to the program were discussed and analyzed, taking into account the different laws of the countries and available data.