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Published the EHN Annual Report

The European Health Network has published the annual report with reference to the activities carried out in 2018. A first introduction by President Simon Gillespie and director Susanne Løgstrup gives way to the description of the main results achieved by EHN last year. The report offers readers a complete picture of EHN’s reality in 2018, underlining how for individuals, the impact on quality of life of CVD is huge, as well as it is a staggering economic burden for societies. It remarks the urgency in tackling cardiovascular diseases effectively. In this context, the report tells about the Annual Meeting that took place in Switzerland from the 30May to 1 June, listing the main EU political developments deemed important for the health of European citizens and illustrating, by way of example, some of the activities organized by the members of EHN for and with patients. The report illustrates the existing collaborations with institutions and organizations and the news in the field of research, mentioning Horizon 2020 and the inaugural meeting of the Research Platform occurred in November 2018. Finally members’ reports on key activities carried out in 2018, help to understand even more the path took during 2018.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Europe and account for 45% of all deaths, causing over 3.9 million deaths every year in Member States of the European Region of the World Health Organization (WHO). Of these deaths, 1.8 million occur in the EU (37% of all deaths). Millions of people live with cardiovascular disease – over 85 million people in Europe, of which nearly 49 million are in the EU.

The European Heart Network (EHN) is a Brussels-based alliance of foundations and associations dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke and supporting patients throughout Europe.

Its mission is to play a leading role in the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular diseases, in particular heart disease and stroke, through prevention, networking, capacity building, patient support and research, so that they are no longer a major cause of premature death and disability in Europe.


This project was funded by the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020).

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